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City of Oceanside moves to Streamline Development and Change Culture

In the passion of my campaign for city council I made a big promise, I promised to make Oceanside one of the safest and most business friendly cities in Southern California. Shortly after getting elected I got my feet wet with a few policy items surrounding a Homeless Work Program, Tax Incentives for Businesses that hire locals and a Streamlined Accessory Dwelling Unit "Granny Flat" program, I immediately began to notice a culture of frustration, delay and confusion from both the development community and city staff with respect to the development entitlement process.

So, in March of this year, I decided to take on city staff and the development community and get down in the mud to truly understand the root issues surrounding this unproductive culture. I started with 3 important goals in mind, to Save Time, Save Money and Create Certainty for all stakeholders involved in the entitlement process. I had in total about 30 meetings, countless phone calls, and the most important step was getting both sides in the same room.

I ultimately got out of the way and let the development community and city staff do what they were meant to do, work together! Sure enough great ideas, feedback and inspiration spread like a wild fire which led staff to help me take on this problem with full support...That led to a council agenda item passing 4-0 (Sanchez abstained).

As an elected leader I am responsible for ensuring public safety, infrastructure and quality of life are prioritized and all impacts adequately mitigated. The City of Oceanside gets so much more when we can just cut through the non-sense and work together!

Below is a great Article about the Council Agenda item I proposed and the details and direction to staff!

See article from The Coast News, Samantha Taylor

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