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Homeless solutions require collaboration

We agreed that the current model is not working, this was difficult to agree to because so much effort and money has been spent on a failing model for years. We agreed that spending more tax dollars on a bad model is only making it worse.
We need a SYSTEMS CHANGE. I proposed that it starts with a NEW VISION that will position Oceanside as the tip of the spear that can expand into North County.
Key aspects of the systems change include a proposed 80/20 dynamic, and government acknowledging the following:
• 80% of homeless have the capacity to become productive and self-sufficient. 80% of government intervention must prioritize efforts toward unique pathways of self-sufficiency.
• 20% do not have the capacity to fully recover due to disability or mental illness. (Chronically homeless) 20% of government intervention must prioritize efforts toward housing first permanent initiatives. The state “housing first” movement is tailored specifically to this smaller demographic of homeless.
We concluded that key individuals in the room will draft a comprehensive game plan to bring back in 21 days for review and approval for potential funding.
Further Notes:
The county has over 25 million set aside for innovative housing and programs. We are working on a pay per results-based program specifically for the 80%. These key individuals are struggling with a variety of symptoms causing homelessness, but still have the physical and mental capacity to recover if they are willing. This program will require real estate identification and acquisitions to facilitate innovative campuses. From intake through a triage process, into detox, transitional housing and rehabilitation onto a pathway of self-dependency and away from government dependency.
I will keep everyone posted.

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